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There are many technical reasons why Wordpress is the best platform for professional bloggers and corporate blogs. In our case soon soon after setting up our blog using Tumblr, we realized that there were two deal breakers. The first one appeared when we tried to change the header, to integrate the blog to the rest of www.bcontext.com.  Without full access to change the html of the template this was a no go for Tumblr by itself. We stepped into a second deal breaker when we tried to change the structure of the url from a subdomain to a subfolder. We are trying to get a better page rank and we needed a canonical url structure that would gets pass through page rank from the root domain to the blog. Without been able to set these things right we decided to change to Wordpress. Tumblr to Wordpress Your landing page is your launching point, as the terms your pick must accurately reflect the content on that page. Now, there are two reasons for this: first, integrity is a major factor in determining page rank. If the terms do not match the content on this page, it will lack integrity. However, more importantly, it provides a sound customer experience. A person looking for pickles would be thrilled to land on this page; but if somebody was looking for sandwiches, they'd be disappointed. Pickles may be an integral part of a deli sandwich, but this page doesn't address sandwiches at all.Modern search engines are looking for clean and concise pages. If a page cannot be defined easily, you must re-think your design. However, if you were following good design principles, this should be easy – determine the major theme of the page, and pick 1-5 terms that best describe it. In SEO, less is more; adding more terms actually diminishes the value of each subsequent term. Choose only what is necessary. For this particular example, I wold focus on the fact that this is a “New York Deli Pickle”, and I would make 1-5 variations of that specific theme: “New York Pickles”, “Deli Pickles”, “New York Deli Pickles”. I would probably choose those 3, and those would be my marquee terms for organic search on this page.Now, paid search is different. In a page search campaign, a broader set of terms will give you more granular data and better optimization choices; add as many variations as you can think of. Right her is an example of that: take a simple term, like “New York Deli Pickles”, and break out any kind of variation you could potentially think of – plurals, misspellings, abbreviations. When it comes to paid search, more is better. It doesn't matter how many terms you have, and in fact the more terms, the better.To recap, - Pick a smart landing page and using it as a starting point. - Only choose terms that accurately reflect the page. - Less is more in SEO, so choose your terms wisely. - But get granular and create a broad set of terms for paid search. Picking Terms for Search James Carville (lead strategist for Bill Clinton's presidential campaign) believes that Obama classifies 241 of the 270 electoral votes needed to get elected president as safe for Obama, and 24 more as leaning towards Obama. Carville's 2012 prediction Alex Castellanos (top media adviser to George W. Bush's 2004 and Mitt Romney's 2008 campaigns) believes that Romney has 206 as safe, and 42 more as leaning towards Romney.  Castellanos' 2012 predicti... Dave McClure speaks about what startups need to do to convince VCs to invest. How to pitch a VC (Dave Mc... Forget about Margaritas when thinking of tequila... El Guapo is  the best spicy drink you could ever get get...   

For El Guapo, you need the following ingredients:

1)	Tequila (I advise you to pick a high quality Tequila like Espolon)
2)	Simple syrup or Agave Syrup
3)	Tabasco sauce
4)	1 Lemon
5)	1 Cucumber
6)	Small Cubes of Ice
7)	Salt & Pepper

For preparation, you need to cut the cucumber into very thin, thin slices. Do the same thing with the lemon, then cut the lemon in half too. 
Mix ½ ounce of the syrup with 2 ounces of Tequila. Shake them with the lemon, cucumber, and small cubes of ice. You need to shake for at least 20 seconds, to make sure the small cubes of ice melt. 
For the shaking, you should always use small cubes of ice. Why? Because even though I can get the exact same volume of ice using 27 of these small pieces versus 1 large cube of ice, what happens is that the surface is 3 times larger with the small cubes of ice. Therefore, the speed of melting is going to be way faster with the small cubes of ice versus the larger. 
Going back to the drink, use a Tequila glass, and pour everything back into the Tequila glass, and then add the Tobasco sauce, pepper, and salt on top of it. You could also use some extra cubes of ice to keep it chilled for a bit.
If you have already reached the amount of dilution you want for the drink, you perhaps are going to be better having one large cube of ice in a whiskey glass, which is going to look like this.
This is it for the El Guapo, now you just need to enjoy!
"El Guapo" Tequila Cocktai... description bContext stand autopilot Whistle Pig Rye Whiskey appeared in Breaking Bad season 5 episode 2...   Whistle Pig Breaking Bad Walk-through bContext's app Home Home Sharing Tutorial Share Groups Tutorial Groups Setting Tutorial Settings How to start creating content using bContext Create... bContext is the perfect tool to produce content marketing. The app allows users to generate links that then can re-direct traffic to a specific destination. Content can be embedded in HTML5 to easily generate multimedia posts...   For Content Creators bContext allows to present from your iPad while recording voice and hand writing notations. Recorded sessions can then be shared privately via emails or groups. For Presentations Use bContext for recording and sharing classes... For Education description For celebrations Create content that people would like to share is the best advice ever given to connect with an audience of potential clients. @rfishkin Content Marketer's Pledge I am a serial entrepreneur turned serial investor, and by the use of pitching PowerPoints to VCs, I have personally raised tens of millions of dollars; and I have personally supervised the investment of tens of millions of dollars into companies who have been pitching me with PowerPoint presentations. It's safe to say I know a bit about the process of pitching.
	The first thing you have to ask is “what is the single most important thing that a VC is looking for when you come to them to pitch your new business idea”. Obviously there are all kinds of business models, markets, etc. – but overall, what is the single most important thing to the VC? You. The entire purpose of a VC pitch is that you are the entrepreneur in whom they're going to invest their money, and make a lot in return.
	How do you do this? You can't just say “Hi, I'm a really good guy/girl and you should invest in me!” In the course of your VC pitch, you have very few minutes – 15-30 at most, as peoples' attention wanes at around 18 minutes. So in those 18, 10, or 5 minutes, you have to convey about 10 different characteristics while you're up there.
	The single most important thing you have to convey is integrity. I would much rather take a chance with someone who I know is 'straight' than where there's any question of who they're looking out for and what's going on.
	Second is passion. You want entrepreneurs who are passionate about their own company – putting their lifeblood into their own company. If you're not passionate about your company, why should anyone else put more money into it?
	Then there are a whole panoply of other things you have to wrap up in this presentation. Experience – you have to be able to say “I've done this before”, starting an enterprise and creating something from start to end. That's why VCs love to fund serial entrepreneurs. Even if you didn't do it right the first time, you've learned lessons that will put you in good stead the next time around. 
	Next is knowledge – if you're going to tell me you want to map the human genome, you better know what a human genome is. Have domain expertise. I don't want someone saying “hey, I've got a great idea in a business I know nothing about”. 
	Then you have to have the skills that it takes to get a company going. That includes everything from technical skills, to marketing or sales. Not everyone has all these skills that it takes to run a company – which is why you also need leadership, the ability to get people to follow your lead. To inspire, to motivate them. 
	I also need to know you have commitment, that you're going to be here to the end! I want you to convey that you're going to die if you have to with your fingernails scratching at the door as they drag you out! Bad things happen, you need to be there to the very end and not want to cut and run. 
	You have to have vision, to see where your business will go. I don't want another “me too” product, I want someone who thinks they can change the world. On top of that, you need realism, because I need you to know that while changing the world is great, but it doesn't always happen, and before you ever change the world, bad things are going to happen.
	Finally, because you're asking for my money not just because it's my money but because it's me, you need to be coachable – to be able to listen. 
	How do you convey these 10 things in 10 minutes? You have to convey these things without saying it. When you walk in the door, they know nothing about you. All sales pitches are emotional on some level. You can go up, you can go down. The overall arc of your presentation has to start like a rocket. You have maybe 10-30 seconds to get their attention. In my case, I have got tens of millions of dollars from PowerPoint presentations – that's a “getcha” right there. This can be a fact that they don't know, or that's counterintuitive, or a personal story; but you have to grab their attention.
	From there, you have to take them on a steady, solid path upwards from beginning to end, that everything reinforces, and it has to get better and better and better, until the very end where “boom”, you knock them out of the park. Get them to such an emotional high that they're ready to cut you a check right then and there before you leave.
	How do you get them there? You need a nice logical progression. Any time you go backwards or skip a step – imagine walking up a staircase where some of the stairs are missing. Tell me how you're going to do X, Y, Z, and how it will flow from beginning to end.
	You also need to tell me things I know or understand – touchstones that tie into the rest of the world out there. Referencing companies I've heard of, or basic items in your business. 
	Validators such as other people who have done this before, awards you've won, results of beta testing. Something that tells me this plan makes sense. 
	Then I need a believable upside. The upside is telling me if you're going to be out there 5 years and making one million dollars per year, that not really an upside. If you tell me you're going to be making a billion dollars a year, that's not believable. 
	On the other hand, there are a lot of things that take the emotional level down, that you have to counter. The first is anything I know is not true. “We have no competition” or “no one has ever made a widget like this!” – the odds are that I know someone who has made some kind of similar item, and from that point on a discount half of what you're saying. Anything I don't understand, where I have to think about it in my own head, is going to make me stop paying attention to you. Any internal inconsistencies in your business story – like if you show me revenues of $10m in one slide, and five slides later, it's $5m. One may have been net sales, and the other gross sales, but I need to know that all the numbers add up in your business at the end of the day. Finally, anything like a typo, an error, or a stupid mistake or unpreparedness shows me that you aren't going to be able to run a company if you can't put together a slide show.
	A long list of bullet points is bad. It's good to have a short, concise list of points. Even better is to have just the headline, and rely on the speaker to do the explanation so that attention is focused on them. The best is to have only images in your presentation. You see an image – a picture being worth 1,000 words – and you grok the whole thing, then can look back at me and pay attention to me. 
	Things you have to include in your presentation: your company logo on the title page so that I can just look at it and get my attention back to you. A business overview where you tell me you sell such a widget. That's like the picture on the outside of the puzzle box, where I can relate everything else you tell me back to it. Then you have to show me your management team, to show your cumulative experience and that you've done this thing before. I need to know the market size, and why it's worth it to invest in. I need to know your product. This isn't a sales pitch, you don't need to tell me every intricate detail – I just want to know “what the heck is it?”, and why people are going to buy what you're selling. Tell me your business model and how you plan to make money – what the smallest unit size is, who you're selling to, and I need to know if you have any strategic relationships, validation, to show that you're bigger than just one small player. Then I need to know your competition – there's never been anything without competition. I need to know exactly how you're different and how you will address your competition – and I need to know how you're special, and how you'll set up barriers to prevent entry in the market and stop your competition from eating your lunch. I need a financial overview, to know 1 or 2 years back and a 3-4 year projection for the future, and I want to know your business model – and how it will translate into a company model. Projected widget sales, profit per widget, expectations for the future – and I want to know how the money I'm going to give you is going to help make that happen, how you're going to make use of the proceeds. Then comes the ask, the capital and valuation. I'd like to know who has invested previously, how much, what's expected of me, how much you personally invested, friends and family, other VC you've worked with, etc. Finally having done all that, you bring it back to the conclusion. You tell me the final idea or show me the final picture that's going to blow me into outer space. 
	Here are David's top 5 PowerPoint tips:

	#5 Use presenter mode/ovation/presenterTools, with a timer available
	#4 Always use a remote control
	#3 Your handout is not your presentation
	#2 Don't read a speech
	#1 Never look at the screen – stay connected with the people you're presenting to
Pitching to VC (David S. R... Angels, super-angels, micro-cap VCs, and seed incubators are beginning to dominate early-stage consumer web investing. This is a permanent change because the underlying startups themselves have fundamentally changed. Startups also need to adapt to the new ecosystem of investors. The Rise of the Angels description Eric Reis - Lean Startup description What we do for startups This presentation may change the way you run your start up... Dave McClure's "Metrics for Pirates" Metrics for pirates Extract from Guy Kawasaki's The Art of Innovate presentatiom Kawasaki (10 20 30 rule) description Tributo Tomas Gonzalez My comments on the perfect stylus inspired by David's Pogue article "On Touch Screens, Rest Your Finger by Using a Stylus" published by NYTimes Build a perfect iPad stylus Many differences between the Nexus 7 and iPad 3 are a consequence of the Nexus's 16:10 Aspect Ratio vs the iPad's 4:3. Nexus 7 vs iPad 3 description Presenting with bContext description Top Burgers NYC description AngelHack 2012 description Contextual Notes for Outso... description Hogs description Fuente Alemana description Demo Day description Convertible Notes Meetup S...


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